Bourges City Guide

Les Jardins de l’Archeveche and les Jardins des Prés Fichaux

Les Jardins de l’Archevêché and les jardins des Prés Fichaux

Do you feel like a walk and taking a breath of fresh air? We invite you to explore two beautiful gardens near our ACE Hotel Bourges and take a stroll. The first, Les Jardins de l’Archevêché, is located at the base of the cathedral. Designed by a student of Le Nôtre and built around a bowling lawn, this beautiful French-style garden is framed by stunning massive trees and trees sculpted to perfection. Les Jardins de l’Archevêché has a delightful bandstand from 1908, which is now the venue for a traditional cabaret act every Sunday, weather permitting. The second must-see garden is the Prés-Fichaux. Listed a “Jardin Remarquable”, by the Minister of Culture, Les Jardins de Prés-Fichaux was opened in 1930 and still has Art Deco ornaments and statues. This remarkable garden has many plant sculptures, yew arches, multi-coloured massive trees and pretty pools to cool off by. These two beautiful gardens give the city of Bourges its particularly appealing and unique character. 

Found at:

  • Jardin de l’Archevêché
    1 avenue Eugène Brisson
    18000 Bourges

  • Jardin des Prés-Fichaux
    Boulevard de la République
    18000 Bourges