Les Marais de Bourges: a little paradise

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Les Marais de Bourges: a little paradise

Les marais de Bourges, a little paradise close to our hotel in Bourges

Les Marais de Bourges: a little paradise

Located at the foot of the medieval quarter, close to ACE Hotel Bourges, Les Marais de Bourges, now a listed and protected site, offers the promise of a country walk in the heart of the city. Drained and gradually tamed by Jesuits during the XVII century, this vast wetlands area of 135 hectares of arable land has become a little green paradise. Carefully cultivated and maintained by the owners, the gardens are a display of multi-coloured flowers and bouquets of aromatic herbs. In the spring, asparagus points their noses skywards, in summer, strawberries and tomatoes turn red, and the pumpkins get ready for Halloween. Nature is in constant renewal and the gardens can be visited year-round.

Not to be missed: 

  • The Wetlands Festival (early September), on the weekend closest to the day of Saint Fiacre, the patron saint of gardeners. 

  • Floating market and a parade of illuminated boats.

Found at: Located 15 minutes from the hotel, free access via the rue de Babylone, the Quai des Maraîchers, the Chemin des Prébendes

Les Marais de Bourges
18000 Bourges