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Saveurs des Marais

Saveurs des Marais: a must-eat during your stay in our hotel

Saveurs des Marais: a delicious family history

Son and grandson of a craftsman, Florian Gourdon keeps his family history alive with delight at the Biscuiterie Saveurs des Marais. Each biscuit is made by hand, always with top quality ingredients, and is a treasure trove of deliciousness. Florian's croquet du Berry is much more than a simple biscuit: it is a whole story. With fig, almonds, orange, chocolate, caramel... croquets are available here in an infinite variety of flavours.
In this biscuit factory rooted in its territory, you will succumb, as we did, to the irresistible tuiles and the crispy shortbread.

Found at: The Biscuiterie is located a few minutes from the ACE Hotel

Biscuiterie Saveurs du Marais
121 avenue de Saint-Amand